I'm a Senior Web Designer, Fashion Designer, Jewelry Designer.





A short introduction:


My name is Brigitte. I have been playing with Designs since 1991 and got lucky enough to make a trade out of what I love. Working for A&G for 18 years allowed me to get my hands in every aspect related to clothing and jewelry. I can proudly say that I created 90% of all these great designs. Google it; A&G Cashmere! Starting as a small company, A&G soared to unexpected fame, allowing the owner to retired before turning 50. I was always making websites as a hobby and enjoyed it so much that I decided to take commissioned work offered to me when A&G closed its doors.
I was then in charge of creating the clothing and jewelry collections Lord Griffon, Inc. Working freelance enabled me to continue building websites and to became a full time web master.

I not only build beautiful and affordable custom websites, but I provide ongoing design services to you and your site. My approach leaves you free to focus on your business while keeping your site fresh and up to date. My work is custom and affordable. Now you too can afford to have a beautiful custom website and have it maintained by a professional.



Yeah, so, I pretty much do everything. You think it, I create it.

  • Website Design
  • e-commerce
  • Interactive/Digital
  • UI/UX/Usability
  • Typography
  • Editing
  • Stationary
  • Presentation

Some examples


all done in vectors.

* Vector art is ideal for printing. Since the art is made from a series of mathematical curves, it will print very crisply even when resized. For instance, one can print a vector logo on a small sheet of copy paper, and then enlarge the same vector logo to billboard size and keep the same crisp quality.

My two sons.
I decided to try the POP ART technique back in 2001 and choose a picture of my sons. My skills and brushes were not as good then,
but I do like the result.

Gavri and Moty
original picture


Custom... Website Design


Have an amazing idea for a new website for your company or organization? I have refined advanced design and development methods to allow you to create that custom online experience you have always been looking for. My websites boast features and details that both enhance the user experience as well as its effectiveness on the many platforms that it will be viewed on. So if you are looking to represent your brand on the internet, and have discriminating taste, then I'm the right solution for you. The best part is, I'm affordable.
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Gold, Silver, Precious Stones!


I helped create Lord Griffon, Inc. a clothing & jewelry company based in Los Angeles. My responsibilities included but were not limited to designing men & women jewelry collections. Supervising the creation of wax / metal masters and making CAD ready designs for production. Buying metal and gems. Attending trade shows, making presentations, line sheets, catalogs... Designed all logos, letterheads, business cards, invoices, well, pretty much everything design related as well as creating and maintaining the company website.
Thank you Suzie, the best boss ever.
I had the same responsibilities working for A&G (for 18 years) also based in Los Angeles.

I'm fluent in English & French. I can manage a little Spanish :)


Get in touch:

whatever method works;


By e-mail: Brigitte.Gavin1@gmail.com.
By phone: 818.391.9880
Palm Design
I will respond within 24 hours! Promise.
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